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Can I obtain Retroactive Credit for foreign language courses?


Who is eligible? Retroactive credit is available to students who have already studied a foreign language before attending St. Charles Community College, and who enroll for the first time in an intermediate level course in that language at SCC. Credit will not be offered for study which has already earned credit through Advanced Placement, testing, or transfer. Only NON-NATIVE speakers may apply. Native speakers are not eligible for retroactive credit and should pursue credit through testing at a four-year institution.
How does it work? Students who complete a 102 level foreign language course with a grade of at least 75% will receive 4 retroactive credits for the bypassed course of 101. Four credits will also be earned for the completed 102 course, for a total of 8 credits. If a student enters the foreign language sequence at the 201 or 202 level, then 8 retroactive credits will be awarded if 201 or 202 is completed with a grade of 75% or better. Four credits will also be earned for the completed 200 level course, for a total of 12 credits. Students are advised to follow the Foreign Language placement guidelines in the catalog course descriptions. Students who are unsure of their level should consult a counselor or a foreign language instructor.
Retroactive credit is NOT automatic! Students must apply for the appropriate credit. The necessary forms are available from the foreign language instructors, and are distributed in class during the beginning weeks of each semester. Students must complete intent forms for both the Foreign Language Program and the Office of Admissions and Registration, and return them to their instructors by the end of the fourth week of classes.
How is retroactive credit included into the student record? Upon receipt of the completed Student Application for Retroactive Credit, the Registrar will issue the credit as part of the student record. Retroactive credit will not be used in calculating the GPA, but will be included in the total hours required for general education and graduation.
Note: Students with sufficient previous language study are encouraged to enroll in a course beyond 101 in order to receive retroactive credit. Please be aware that if a grade of C- or below is earned in a higher-level course, retroactive credit will not be awarded. If the course you are in seems too difficult, discuss this with your instructor and possibly drop back to a lower level class during the add/drop period at the beginning of the semester. For more information, come to HUM 203 or contact the Foreign Language Program at 636-922-8556.

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