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Can I drop/withdraw from my course? 


Please email using your SCC email and list the course(s) section/number you are thinking of withdrawing. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for the add/drop periods. 

Some things to think about when it comes to dropping/withdrawing:

  • Will the withdraw impact your financial aid? Contact if you are receiving A+, Financial Aid, grants, etc. to determine if withdrawing from your course(s) will affect your eligibility. 
  • How much of the course is yet to be graded? Do you feel that you can improve your grade in that time? (if that is why you are thinking of withdrawing).
  • Have you reached out to your instructor to see if they have recommendations on how/if you can improve?
  • Have you fully utilized the SCC resources available through SCC? (ACE Tutoring Center; NetTutor –online tutoring; etc.)

If after this time you still wish to drop/withdraw from your course(s), you can do so through your Student Planning or by emailing

Tutorial on How to Drop a Course

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